September 25, 2010

Brewster USD 314 Bulldog Banner

Brewster/Cheylin High School  JV Volleyball QUAD

Brewster/Cheylin, Golden Plains, Rawlins County & Dighton

September 25, 2010

Brewster High School

Laura Rush, A.D.


                                      Match Schedule

             (North Gym)                                           (South Gym)

                10:00                                                          10:00


                Brewster/Cheylin VS Golden Plains                                        Dighton VS Rawlins Co

                Brewster/Cheylin VS Dighton                                             Golden Plains VS Rawlins Co           

                Brewster/Cheylin VS Rawlins Co                                            Golden Plains VS Dighton



There will be a 15 minute warm-up period before each team’s first match.  The home team will have the full court for 6 minutes while the visitors may work on ball handling off the court.  After the first 6 minutes visitors will have the full court.  The last 3 minutes will be used for shared court time serving.  After each team’s first match warm-up time, will then go to 10 minutes with a split of 4-4-2.



There will be a concession stand available.